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i.itch.illustrations by D.U.R.A

Birthday: 00.0.1010
City : Kuala Lumpur
Country: Malaysia


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La mode des filles de la forêt

Illustrations work on the characters from The Fashion Forest. Follow their journey as they discover their love for life.

Fashion-na-nimal Darlings

"Holla! We are the Fashion-na-nimal Darlings! Drop us an email if you wanna us to model or hit the fashion runways for you."


Fashionable characters of the fashion-na-nimal families which are so much in love with designer's label and play fashionistas as they clad themselves in designer's clothing.

They are namely as Kitsy(the cat), Effie (the zebra), Bijoue(the rabbit), Moccha Mosche (the bear) & Reinii(the deer).

Meet My Muse

Meet My Muse,Fashion Illustrations

"I'm working on hard to be the next fashion muse"

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